-Gamma Chamber (2017/18)

duration: 14'

instrumentation: Prepared Baritone and Soprano Saxophones, Multi Percussion, electronics

Written for Popebama for the 2018 SPLICE Festival

-as above, so below (2017/18)

duration: TBA

instrumentation: Saxophone Quartet, Electronics

Commissioned by the New Thread Saxophone Quartet

-Ashen Clearing (2017)

duration: 12:00

instrumentation: 88 Key Sampler, Muli-Percussion, Amplified Trombone, Megaphones

written for SLOW (Weston Olencki, Eric Wubbles, Dennis Sullivan)

-Swarm (2017)

duration: 13:00

instrumentation: duo for multi-percussion, samplers and Lightbots

written for Radical 2

commissioned by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE)

-Uncreation (2016)

duration: 9:00

instrumentation: amplified flute and fixed media

written for Anne Dearth

-under nails (2016)

duration: 14:00

instrumentation: prepared piano, electric guitar, tenor saxophone, percussion, samplers

written for HYPERCUBE

-Shedding Waste (2016)

duration: 9:30

instrumentation: tenor saxophone (with voice) / percussion (with voice)

written for Popebama

-Altered States of Elasticity (2015-16)

duration: 12:00

instrumentation: amplified percussion duo with voice/custom lighting/fixed media

written for Radical 2

-Substanceial Decay (2015)

duration: 15:00

instrumentation: solo amplified multi-percussion/voice/fixed media

text by Barack Obama

-Apocalypse Ready (2014)

duration: 17:00

instrumentation: speaking/singing percussion quartet

text by B. Dolan - Sage Francis

written for Iktus Percussion/Radical 2

-Skycycle Variations (2013-14)

duration: 22:00

instrumentation: solo vibraphone/gongs/voice/fixed media

text by B. Dolan

-grind/strangle/thump (2013)

duration: 30:00

instrumentation: 3 acting/speaking instrumentalists

written for Thump & Wail

-Useless Sweat and Celestial Grime (2012)

duration: 8:00

instrumentation: solo amplified multi percussion/voice/guitar pedals


(Erin Rogers // Dennis Sullivan) highly charged experimental music for percussion and saxophone

Radical 2

(Levy Lorenzo // Dennis Sullivan) an irrational, classification-defying duo that explores the intersection of theatric, percussive and electronic medium.

Thump & Wail

(Edward RosenBerg III//Dennis Sullivan//Jen Baker//Jane Sheldon) Theatrically Driven new music